Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trekking shoes

For those wondering what it's like to trek the shoes into our school, here are a few notes.

*Due to the mass amount of shoes donated over the summer, either a sherpa or a flat-bed dolly is required to trek the shoes to the PE office. 

*En route to the PE office, there are many staff members and teachers who inquire about the shoes, how many, and where they came from.

It goes a little something like this:

"WOW!!  Where did you get ALL of those shoes?"- teacher/staff member

"From the runners I run/work with."- me

"Really?  How often do they go through a pair of shoes?"- teacher/staff member

"It depends.  One pair every month-three months.  They're ultrarunners, remember."- me

"Holy .....!!!  They don't mind donating them?  They keep their shoes?"- teacher/staff member

"Yep.  They'd rather their shoes go somewhere where someone will appreicate them.  They always keep their shoes.  It's very difficult for them to part with them, so they are glad to give them to us."- me

And so the learning process and gratitude journey continues.

The conversations always end with, "Please tell them thank you for us!"

One of the most amazing things of trekking the shoes in are these conversations.  The teachers/staff grow that much more in their awareness, and the connections of support are increased.

Thanks to all who are a part of this!

It only takes One...!

It only takes one runner with shoes that he/she cannot part with and who decides to donate to Shoes to Success to fill up the back seat of my car!

I admit, my car is not huge, but still- it was a most amazing morning at the VHTRC Women's Half Marathon when a runner instructed me to drive to his car as he had so many shoes. 

Fortunately there was a bit of space left in the car for the other 8 pairs doanted by another runner.

The shoes will soon find homes en masse over the next few weeks with a variety of events at school. 

The genuine kindness of runners and athletes alike is a true testament to all that they are and all that is wondeful in the world!

Mil Gracias.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Simply Amazing!

Runners + shoes + hot, humid, awesome race with excellent post race fiesta + e-mails/web site information = Simply Amazing!!!

How else can you explain that of approximately 60 runners who started Cat's 50k**, 100(+) pairs of shoes were donated this morning.  Not all runners donated shoes, either! 

I'll let the pictures do fill you in.

Only some of the runners at the start of Cat's as they listen to RD Jeff talk about keeping hydrated, the course changes, aid station locations, and reminders to keep a look out for each other.  (All things common to these great runners!)

This is about 2/3 of the shoes that were donated.  They kept coming, and coming, and coming.  They filled much of my car!

Thank you to all who continue to help us to support students in our area!  You are changing lives forever with your awesome-ness!

Also- there's a chance that we'll be collecting shoes at Catoctin next weekend.  Please check back for more details.

**Number is not official.  It is based on visually ID'ing the runners at the start and the list on the Cat's website.

Friday, July 16, 2010

S2S thanks Jeff!

Jeff Reed, trail running guru of some sort and father to two beautiful twin girls, has graciously shared our shoe collection on the Cat's website next Saturday.  Yes, a friendly reminder to all trail runners in the area- signed up or not- it's the 24th of July- not the 17th!

A simple request to all volunteering or running at Cat's, if someone you know has extra shoes- would you please, please consider being a shoe-porter for them. 

Of course, best of luck, and here's to hoping that it will be a few degrees cooler next week!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

S2S Seeks Small / Kid Sized Shoes!

We're looking for your help, your ideas, and your support!

We'd like to expand our shoe donation to elementary schools and/or be able to provide shoes to some of our more petite middle and high school students.  (Yes, we have students who are 4' or shorter in our school and we also have some that are 6'4" and beyond.)

If you are aware of any smaller adult, kid-sized shoes that are available for donations, please e-mail us!  We realize that there are probably sources out there, but we're not quite sure of all of the locations, people to talk to, etc..  Any ideas are welcome.  Again, just drop us a note, and we will happily get back to you!!

Muchas Gracias

S2S and a Surprise!

We received an e-mail that blew our shoes off!  It rivals Spain's winning the World Cup!!!! (Pardon our lack of diplomacy, but remember that Wendy is a Spanish teacher and once turned her green bedroom walls red with a flag that hung in her room!)

We were contacted by a member of a group that is not VHTRC about an initial donation of shoes and a possible partnership!  While we do not know who tipped this surprise e-mail person off about us, we do extend a HUGE thank you to the person...whoever he/she might be!!

Please know that each pair of shoes donated represents more health, more opportunities, more life-changing positive experiences for the youth of our community!  It also means less shoes in landfills and more smiles for all involved!

We simply cannot say thank you enough for all of the generosity of those in the Greater DC area and beyond ! 

Thank you for being our partner in success!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

S2S will be at Catherine's FA (7/24/2010)

We'll be at the Start of Catherine's this year, happily accepting all shoes that are in re-usable condition for students.

Thank you for thinking of us before the run and festivities! 

If you have any questions- please contact Wendy!